CineTouch is a revolutionary configurable NO-PROGRAMMING Software Solution for AMX control hardware that provides advanced luxury control for residential integration. Available only to integrators for professional installation, CineTouch is unique, with central intelligence, multiuser personalization, and relational database-driven configuration and operation.

CineTouch Software empowers you to provide better entertainment and home control - faster, more reliably, and WITHOUT PROGRAMMING!

You and your customers will love how CineTouch takes the delay, uncertainty, and obsolesence out of high-end residential integration.

NEW! See how you can use an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad to control your whole home with CineTouch!

  • Control theaters and multiroom entertainment, lighting, HVAC, security, cameras, Internet-based information, and more - quickly, intuitively, flexibly, and personally
  • Offer your customers a wide range of layered features, options, and pricing
  • Demonstrate exactly what your customer will receive - with no surprises
  • Configure a system in minutes using a web form, and deploy immediately instead of spending days, weeks, or months doing expensive custom programming
  • Install the same system code and panel projects in every location - systems differ only in data configuration, and panels render dynamically to suit the needs of the user and environment
  • Adjust multi-user personalization and do functional reconfiguration from any panel
  • Change system behavior and appearance after installation to suit changing customer desires - immediately, on running sysems, on-site or remotely, without programming
  • Upgrade features and add equipment to existing systems in minutes without the delay or expense of services from the original custom programmer
  • Run reliably on professional industrial grade control hardware from AMX
  • Service systems remotely with advanced diagnostics and Internet control
  • Satisfy customers with elegant, powerful, easy, and personal control
  • Advance your business with bigger and better systems, faster installations, easier maintenance, and happier customers!

Find out more - Frequently Asked Questions for Dealers - click here.

CineTouch is a Revolution in Residential Control that can help your integration business grow. Contact us for information about becoming a CineTouch Dealer, or to find a CineTouch Consultant/Reseller to assist you on that big job that needs a quick and reliable solution!


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