Partners and References

CineTouch is proud to offer advanced integration and control of the industry's finest hardware, made possible by close cooperation with these and many other manufacturers. Hundreds of product lines from dozens of manufacturers are supported. Ask for a complete list - there's more every week

  • AMX - The most trusted control system hardware in the world.
  • ReQuest - Audio and Video media servers
  • ADA - Audiophile components
  • Meridian - State-of-the-art audio and video components and speakers
  • Lutron - The Leader in Lighting Control
  • Media Decor
  • Sony
  • Kaleidescape
  • and many more!

Our Dealers are our best spokesmen. They know from their own experience how CineTouch has changed the way they do business. Many of them met us at past CEDIA, EHX, and CES shows where CineTouch was a guest in the AMX, Audio Design Associates and Meridian Audio booths.

Becoming a CineTouch dealer is like joining our family. Ask any of our dealers about our three-day training (offered Wednesday-Friday and Friday-Sunday each quarter) and they’ll tell you it‘s like no other technical training they’ve ever attended. We cover more real material, share more valuable expertise, and have more fun than normally allowed by law. By the end of day two, you’ll have already built and tested a running CineTouch system selected from real-life designs you brought with you to class. Have you ever been to a training where the class unanimously votes to START AN HOUR EARLY ON A SUNDAY? That’s how excited our dealers are about our sessions.

Call us and we'll give you contact information for these and other dealers so you can ask your own questions of integrators just like you who want a better, faster, more profitable future using AMX hardware.

Michael Alpert, Nantucket Media Systems, Nantucket, Massachusetts-
“My first CineTouch project had 32 zones, 23 touch panels and was featured as "Home of the Month" in one of the trade magazines. From small to large systems, CineTouch simplifies my installations and has the advanced features that my customers love. CineTouch and AMX has been a winning combination for my business and my clients.”

Ben Forrester , ForresterTech, Springfield Missouri-
“We thought packaged solutions would make us stay “inside the box” and limit customization. But we found CineTouch could handle any project we threw at it. We no longer fear simultaneous complex jobs - we installed seven CineTouch systems in our first two months as a dealer. Four were retrofits with unusual existing equipment, and one was a large commercial job we couldn't have done without CineTouch. CineTouch has changed our entire business - and the best part is, our customers LOVE it! Call me if you want to know more about our experience with CineTouch – 417-864-TECH”

Paul Foley, Hermary’s Inc., San Carlos, California-
“We’ve done residential AV for 44 years, and when we decided to move up to AMX hardware for a 41-room job we couldn’t do otherwise, CineTouch made it possible. Now we use CineTouch in all sizes of jobs because it runs right away and stays flexible. Customers love the personalization, and upgrading systems takes only minutes.”

Michael Kassal, Smart House Media LLC, Hawaii-
“I’m an accomplished AMX programmer, but I've been using CineTouch for three years because it lets me sell and install better systems, profitably and quickly. The amazing personalization and cross-functionality of CineTouch can’t be matched by other systems. It's easy to make my own drivers if I need to and combine features to make custom functions, all without any coding or panel design. Above all, it's reliable.”

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