Intelligence and Personalization

Central Intelligence is the revolutionary difference in CineTouch. User preferences and permissions, location, source, time, and system status combine to provide intelligent and personal management of content and home technology.

Typical residential control systems are distributed “universal remotes” in the form of keypads and touch screens. Though a variety of user interfaces, a user can operate centralized or local equipment from multiple locations. That’s fine as long as only ONE person is using anything, anywhere. Because most systems have no “self awareness”, they don’t – THEY CAN’T – learn and take intelligent actions based on what’s happening. They can’t even tell you what’s happening, so you get into control wars with other users without even knowing it. That’s why so many integrators dedicate lots of sources to individual rooms – no sharing allowed. But today’s video recorders and central movie and music storage make that unworkable. You want all your content, wherever you are, and so does everyone else in the home. Whether you have a one-room or whole home control system, you don’t want to “operate equipment”, you just want your content. Instant gratification should not be seven to ten button presses away, even if you know which buttons to press in what order.

The CineTouch EMPATH Relational Database Architecture provides a CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE that offers one-touch satisfaction for every family member. EMPATH actually LEARNS each user's preferences dynamically. It knows what you want, the state of every device, the locations in operation, the sources in use, other users, and their preferences and privileges. EMPATH then makes intelligent decisions about every action and informs all users with explicit messages and subtle cues. Sharing, privacy, expertise levels, security, parental control, conditional actions, location, available resources, remote sensing, time – CineTouch considers them all and acts to eliminate conflict and confusion. Each user gets a personalized experience that includes appearance, functionality, favorite sources, favorite channels, notifications, and even control of how many buttons they see. CineTouch even offers multiple simultaneous users of the same source their personal preferences on different panels, even in the same room. And any change that is of interest or consequence to any user is instantly accounted for and synchronized on every panel.

You already know how to use CineTouch because it learns what you want, surfacing the specific functions you want to one-touch gratification while hiding anything you don’t use or shouldn’t access. CineTouch actually guides you to use it more effectively. And then does it again, individually, for every user in the house, making any size system accessable to the entire family.

Your entire home can share a central master control system and entertainment sources. Since CineTouch can control both theaters and multi-room systems, you can enjoy distributed multi-room TV and music to any rooms without clutter of equipment or visible wiring. Independent control and intelligent management of shared resources make every room easy to use. No matter how many people are using it at once!

Try CineTouch and you’ll agree - YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO USE IT.


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