CineTouch Panel Themes

THEMES! Your panel, your way.
Years of effort and customer feedback have refined the CineTouch user experience to maximize ease of use and convenience. Reduction of button clutter when not needed or desired by the current user, placement of configurable option buttons to enable one-touch operation of functions of your choice, and subtle color and position cues all make CineTouch both functional and attractive.

CineTouch offers a choice of appearance themes at each control panel at a touch of a button, or can automatically change to the current user's faviorite. Choose the look that you like best today, or match your room decor, and change your mind anytime. All themes are availble in every AMX touch panel size and configuration from 5" wall panels to 17" high definition table-top control/TV combinations, including iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets. Custom themes can be designed by CineTouch dealers to suit any taste or mood.

Have a good look at CineTouch Version 10.5!

CineTouch automatically displays each users' individual favorite themes,
or presents the preferred room theme. More are added quarterly
and custom themes can be commissioned. Have a look at more!


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