How to Get CineTouch

CineTouch is a software product - a revolutionary control management solution that runs on AMX control hardware. CineTouch is only available from trained integrators for professional installation.

If you are a customer (private end-user), we can refer you to a certified CineTouch installer for more information and demonstration opportunities.

If you are an integrator, you may choose to buy and install CineTouch in cooperation with a certified CineTouch Consultant, or you may apply to become a CineTouch dealer yourself.

Call us for far more information and a personal Internet demo. You can experience our configuration tool (it's a browser!), our remote controls, our incredible troubleshooting tools, and even operate our showroom CineTouch system, live, on your own AMX panel from anywhere in the world. Or come see full systems in the CineTouch showroom and demo houses in Northern California, or at of one of our dealers in locations across the USA (including Hawaii).

Russ Maynard is the founder of CineTouch and has been the owner/operator of a successful integration company for over 35 years in the heart of California's high-tech Silicon Valley. He knows the business and wants to make yours better, faster, and more profitable. Give him a ring - you'll enjoy the call and the results.

Contact CineTouch at or by phone
at 408-371-1845

GP Systems, Inc. 3681 Union Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124, USA.


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