CineTouch for CUSTOMERS



Cine, like in Cinema; Touch, like in Touch. CineTouch!

CineTouch is an advanced luxury control system for home entertainment and amenities. You’ll control home theaters and whole-house entertainment, lighting, heating and air conditioning, security, cameras, stocks and weather information, and more – quickly, intuitively, flexibly, and PERSONALLY.

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NEW! See how you can use an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad to control your whole home with CineTouch!

CineTouch redefines personal entertainment management - tailored individually to the needs, desires, capabilities, and permissions of each user in the home. It’s so easy to use, kids, grandparents, and guests all love it at first touch. So powerful, you get the most out of every component in your system. So integrated, you forget about operating equipment – you’re just selecting content. And so attractive, CineTouch begs to used and shown off.

CineTouch offers you choice - powerful layered options and features are built for change and adaptation. You can select exactly what you want today, and then grow with the system tomorrow and for years to come without expensive reprogramming. Because CineTouch is a PRODUCT, not an open-ended custom project, you’ll know up front what you are getting, what you are paying for it, and when it will be ready for you. CineTouch uses AMX control hardware, the most trusted systems in the industry. No surprises, just satisfaction.

Take a few minutes with us and see why CineTouch is a revolution in home control. You’ll see how we can really say – “YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO USE IT!”


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