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CineTouch is advanced residential entertainment and home management software for AMX hardware, available to integrators for professional installation. CineTouch is a feature-rich and high-end product designed to be configured in as little as an hour by the dealer, using NO PROGRAMMING, NO COMPILING CODE, and NO TOUCH PANEL DESIGN OR EDITING. Compared to custom programming, CineTouch costs less, does more, installs the same day, and looks great.

How is CineTouch different from my own custom programming?
CineTouch is a finished product that you control and configure without programming, compiling, or even touch panel design. Features and options are clearly defined and demonstrable before a sale. The total cost of the software is known and certain right up front. You and your customer will KNOW you’ll both be satisfied and on time. Because there is no custom code, there’s no danger of misinterpretation, delay, missed expectations, or time-consuming revisions. Systems set up and run in as little as an hour and reconfigure anytime just as quickly, without code or panel changes. No programming is ever required. When upgraded features become available in new core software, all systems can use it, often without changes to their database. And any CineTouch system can be updated and expanded anytime by any trained dealer. Never again dread a phone call from a customer who wants something changed or added. Never again fear losing key staff who are the only ones who understand your custom code!

How is CineTouch different from using a contracted programming house?
With CineTouch, the dealer owns his own destiny. Systems can be quickly maintained, reconfigured, and upgraded by any trained staff, without going back to a programmer. There’s never missed expectations or runaway costs because you can show exactly what you sell, deliver it on schedule, and adjust it yourself whenever necessary. Need to revise channels, favorites, and dialing when the local lineup changes, or add a few TiVo’s to an already installed system? With CineTouch, you can do it yourself in minutes. At no added cost.

How is CineTouch different from programming aids and templates?
With CineTouch, you quickly configure each system using a web browser. No matter what you do, you can return to that configuration tool for more changes. No one on your staff needs to program, compile code, or revise touch panel projects to fit each room in each job. By comparison, even the best programming tools and templates require some programming and code compiling skills, and are only useful if you stay within the limits of the templates. But customers universally demand more functionality, appearance, and diverse device control than templates offer. This forces the dealer to add custom programming to each project after using the templates. Some tools cannot be used for further modification once custom work has been added. Each job then becomes a custom project, and maintaining or upgrading can mean starting all over. However, CineTouch is a product, and you have a wide selection of robust feature offerings and upgrades without programming. Product advancements are done professionally, centrally, for ALL customers. Updates can be applied to any installed system, even remotely, usually without any data or hardware changes. Because CineTouch is data-driven and extensible, new devices and behaviors can be added and changed anytime.

I have (or am) an experienced AMX programmer, why do I need CineTouch?
CineTouch lets you sell better, bigger, more profitable AMX systems more quickly and reliably than you or your programmer can do alone. Instead of paying yourself or your programmer for hours of custom coding, you can be selling more systems, deploying them faster, and upgrading them simply, quickly, and profitably. Technical skills and intimate familiarity with the AMX platform can only accelerate your success with CineTouch. Using advanced functionality for custom behaviors, making new device drivers, creating custom panel Themes per customer specification, and consultation for more junior CineTouch dealers are all avenues for additional business, all made possible by eliminating custom programming.

How is CineTouch on AMX different from other control products and platforms?
There is no other control system like CineTouch, and there is no other hardware platform like AMX. Instead of custom code or rigid behaviors, CineTouch is entirely data-driven. Every operation, device, user preference, and even appearance is coordinated by the central intelligence provided in the CineTouch on-board relational database. The robust AMX hardware provides the only dedicated control platform capable of supporting the CineTouch architecture. Unlike PC-based solutions, AMX has no moving parts, is designed for years of maintenance-free use, and is optimized exclusively for control applications. AMX is the proven leader for use in the most demanding commercial, educational, and government campuses worldwide. CineTouch and AMX make an unbeatable combination for reliable and feature-rich high-end residential control.

    • No Programming. None. Not even code compiling!
    • Demonstrate exactly what you install – no functional surprises
    • Bid jobs accurately with Up-Front software prices – no pricing surprises
    • Configure and run within hours every time – no delay surprises
    • One single code base – systems vary only in configuration data
    • All system specifics are quickly configured in a web browser
    • No touch panel editing required - EVER - pages compose automatically
    • System behavior adjusts on the fly from panels on a running system
    • Up to 50 rooms– 50 sources– 50 UI devices– 100 system devices– 24 user profiles
    • All panels synchronize to show current states regardless of who does whatever
    • Themes and Personalization let each user make their own changes
    • Control and maintenance is done remotely over the Internet
    • Hundreds of supported lines of hardware, more added each month
    • Programming-free driver extension and a community driver exchange
    • Major updates or additions take only minutes using a browser
    • Dealer training and support provided for self-sufficiency

What kind and how many devices are supported by CineTouch?
supports many hundreds of system devices and source product lines already, and more are added every week by our staff and our dealers. New devices can be added in the field when required. You aren’t limited to AMX control components either. You can retrofit an ailing or aging control system by adding an AMX processor and CineTouch software. CineTouch supports legacy AMX hardware including PHAST as well as other brands for fast, easy and affordable upgrades reusing most of the existing equipment. CineTouch enables unlimited combinations of rooms and equipment lines from leading manufacturers. You don’t have to ‘stay in the box’ of limited pre-configurations. Lists of supported devices are available on request.

How long has CineTouch been available?
has been in development for over ten years and has been available to dealers since 2007. CineTouch has been shown extensively as a featured guest of AMX and of Audio Design Associates and Meridian Audio at CEDIA, EHX , and CES trade shows for the last five years. In February of 2018, CineTouch made its internation debut in the ISE show in Amsterdam, Holland, and began worldwide distribution. Currently in version 8.0, CineTouch is a robust, well supported and thoroughly tested system that typically runs trouble free for years at time. But it's so easy to change, most customers want new sources and features every year. So instead of fearing the next time the phone rings, CineTouch dealers know their existing installations are a continuing source of revenue with satisfied customers who keep coming back and buying more.

What does AMX think of CineTouch?
CineTouch And AMX have been partners in sales and marketing for years. In April of 2018, the Vice President of USA Residential Sales at AMX, Blake Jackson, presented CineTouch to all US AMX dealers in a series of Web presentations promoting AMX hardware bundle deals and a cooperative CineTouch discount on software. Although content on the slides was supplied at his request, he selected and edited them as he wished for presentation to AMX dealers. Mr. Jackson's comments throughout are clearly from personal experience. His testimonial exhibits the strong relationship and trust between the companies. Watch and listen to his thoughts about CineTouch in his own words in this segment from the live AMX Webinars.

How do I buy CineTouch and how much does it cost?

CineTouch is a software product available only to AMX integrators and consultants for professional installation. CineTouch generally costs less than custom programming from commercial programming services and usually does far more. Most feature prices scale with the size of the system in order to provide the best value. This keeps small systems affordable even when they have many luxury options. To make it easier to calculate pricing, CineTouch offers an automated pricing spreadsheet that lets dealers plug in quantities and features, and immediately see the effect on the software price.
CineTouch is NOT priced by the number of sources- you can add them anytime. Best of all, since CineTouch is dealer configured and reconfigurable anytime in minutes, you never pay a programmer for changes. You do them yourself, over the Internet or right from the touchpanels.

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