CineTouch First with Full Configurable Voice Control for Integrators
AMX Dealers Can Immediately Deploy Programming-Free Voice-Driven Control Software

Campbell, California – May 10, 2012 -

AMX-based software maker CineTouch today announced immediate availability of what may be the world’s first fully data-driven voice operated home and commercial control software package. CineTouch can be installed in hours without programming, and the “Ask Cindy” voice control can do literally anything - in 42 languages. A video demo is available at the CineTouch website ( and on YouTube. A sample transcript of an interaction is included at the end of this press release.

“CineTouch calls the new feature CONCIERGE with the voice of ‘Cindy’. She is quick, interactive, and lifelike in a similar manner to the voice feature on the newest phones from Apple. But Cindy works on all Apple iPads and phones as well as all Android tablets and phones, right now, bringing the best of both a touch panel and a new voice interface to any AMX system,” said Russ Maynard, CEO of San Jose area G.P. Systems, maker of CineTouch software. “Cindy can reply and act on command, challenge for passcodes, announce activities, respond to changes in the environment, and do it all with a friendly banter. This has been tried to varying degrees many times in the past, but never with a totally configurable system like ours that can embrace changing technology on the fly for continuous improvement on installed systems.”

The CineTouch “Ask Cindy” feature can recognize and interactively respond to 1,000 or more unique phrases. Dealers can add custom phrases and actions in seconds even over the Internet. Unlike typical integration software, CineTouch is a dynamic relational database system that forms an intelligent action engine. This architecture makes CineTouch installation a configuration-only task for any system, and that flexibility extends to the new voice recognition functions. No external PC or hardware is required for CineTouch to understand and intelligently act on speech-to-text and text-to-speech functions provided by a growing number of third party systems. These recognition systems simply deliver speech as text; CineTouch parses the text and derives meaning though processing in its integral database.

Interactivity is achieved through configurable conditional confirmation and permission engines. “Cindy will respond differently to a variety of requests that may be similar in outcome,” said John Nagy, CineTouch Director of Product Management and system designer. “Cindy will refuse commands if the user doesn’t have permission for certain activities, and will ask for clarification or confirmation if a request is ambiguous or has been marked as particularly important, like turning on the security system. She can recite status of requested items, or show pick lists for complex activities. Because the text interpretation engine has direct access to the action engine within CineTouch, Cindy can literally do anything by voice direction that the system could do by touch panels. It’s up to the dealer and customer how much of that they want to expose, and what words and language they want to use,” added Nagy.

“CineTouch is the first to implement our VoiceControl system,” said Tristan Graham, Product Manager of UK–based Touch Panel Control, maker of the AMX mobile software for Apple and Android tablets and phones. TPControl provides the text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion, and the integration software derives the meaning. “The CineTouch database architecture is uniquely capable of applying rules-based analysis of the text TPControl hands it. Their engine takes the text of the voice command and derives task and permissions based meaning, allowing a fantastic interactive experience. We’ve worked with CineTouch in testing our product for AMX compatibility for several years, and we’re still impressed by its flexibility.”

Another CineTouch-supported speech-to-text and text-to-speech translator is VOICE VIPER from Control Shark, Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana. Voice Viper is a hardware solution to add voice control to automation systems, operated hands free via in-room microphones. "CineTouch quickly adapted their system to embrace the Voice Viper protocol, and developed a method to coordinate input from multiple zones," said Chad Coles, President of Control Shark. "Their implementation contains several innovative uses of the Voice Viper hardware, including leveraging a SIP gateway to extend voice control to telephone and AMX intercom panels. CineTouch is working with Control Shark to make our product better," Coles added.

Cindy can already be an active participant in home and commercial control integration without any need for custom programming. The database-driven software need only have new site-specific commands and intended reactions entered in plain text, and even has simultaneous or by-user multiple language support (42 languages using TPControl). Future expansion of the CineTouch voice management system will include diagnostic and reporting applications that monitor and announce issues as they occur, and even the ability to place phone calls with voice announcements. The CineTouch system can simultaneously use several different speech translators, using the same interaction definition to provide a comprehensive solution.

Says Russ Maynard, “Because of the CineTouch architecture, we will be able to immediately adapt running systems as recognition technology improves, and to leverage all other services like email, SMS text messaging, timed events, lighting and security system status, etc. And unlike some home assistants, you can tell Cindy to shut up and use the system without her. She won’t take it personally.”

In addition to comprehensive entertainment management, CineTouch offers highly featured options including interactive control of HVAC, lighting, pool and spa, shades, security, cameras, intercoms, and telephone systems. Features can be selected independently and added to a running system at any time without reprogramming. Support for all major brands and easy dealer-performed integration of new devices make CineTouch systems truly unlimited in size, combination, and future flexibility. Any AMX dealer can use CineTouch, and training is free. Contact CineTouch for more information.

About CineTouch
A division of GP Systems, Inc., a Campbell, CA home technology developer and AMX partner for over 15 years, CineTouch is award-winning control software for AMX that eliminates custom programming and touch panel design without sacrificing flexibility and appearance. Projects can be running in less than one day with CineTouch, and change and total personalization take only seconds right from touch panels, even by the user. Learn more at
Contact: Russ Maynard, CEO - CineTouch Control Software for AMX - +1-408-371-1845 -

About Touch Panel Control
The first ever AMX Authorized Product Partner, Touch Panel Control Ltd. makes mobile software that extends AMX control to mobile devices, as well as other software modules for custom integrators.
Contact: Tristan Graham, Product Manager -
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About Control Shark
Control Shark, Inc. has been providing ACE Certified AMX Programming since 2008. In 2018 they developed the Voice Viper, the only product that adds truly "hands free" voice control to advanced automation systems. Learn more at Contact: Chad Coles, President, Control Shark, Inc. - 317-855-8525 -
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Sample ASK CINDY Voice Interaction
>Cindy here, how can I help?
What do I do?
>Just ask me to do things, or say ‘Show commands’ and I’ll list some of what I understand.
Play Music.
>Selecting DJ in the Living Room.
Volume up.
>[volume rises]
Next Source.
>Selecting DirecTV in Living Room.
Send source to Office.
>Sending source to Office now.
Next favorite channel, Cindy.
>Folk Rock, Channel 813.
Show Lighting.
>Here are your lights in your current room. [lights and status appear on panel]
>This is the thermostat for your area. [shows details]
Show all thermostats.
>Touch one on the list to see all details and control the thermostat.
I’m leaving now.
>Shall I turn off all rooms and set the lights and heat to your away profile?
>Turning off all rooms and entering AWAY mode. Hurry back.

I’m back.
>Welcome home! Setting lights and turning on the fireplace. Selecting DJ in the Den.
Do you know SIRI?
>We’ve met but we don’t really talk.
Is the Garage door open?
>The main garage door is open. Shall I close it?
Yes, please.
>Closing Main Garage Door. Happy to help.
>And Thank You for using CineTouch.

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