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You want to manage your home with the same tools that organize your life – your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! Now you can have ALL of your home control in the palm of your hand, anywhere, anytime, using TPCONTROL, iTELEPORT, or other control accessories certified for compatibility with CineTouch.

Integrators have anxiously awaited the release of TPCONTROL, an exciting solution from a UK company of the same name that recently became the first ever AMX APPROVED PRODUCT PARTNER. The product offers more than just full AMX panel emulation - the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad each can actually connect directly with the CineTouch system as native panels, loaded with native AMX touch panel files. This means each iThing operates as an independent panel, over any connection available. This assures quick response even over 2G and 3G connections for control, cameras, and much more to come.

CineTouch works great with TPCONTROL and we continue to work closely with the development team to assure full compatibility. And now, TPCONTROL is available for ANDROID powered smartphones and tablets!

TPCONTROL sales are only to AMX dealers for resale to end users. More information is available directly from the source – http://www.touchpanelcontrol.com

Available for some time as “JAADU VNC”, the newly-named iTeleport operates as an extension of any of your AMX control system touch panels. You‘ll have full control of your whole-home and theater entertainment systems from anywhere in the home or away, even view cameras, adjust the thermostats, lights, the pool and spa, and more. Instead of connecting to CineTouch, iTeleport connects to and shares the images and operation of a normal AMX panel, so whatever that panel can see and do will be shared on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. http://iteleportmobile.com/cinetouch

CineTouch, AMX, TPCONTROL, and iTELEPORT are working together to bring you the best and easiest control experience on your iProducts. Together, we offer our installers cooperatively tested and certified functionality, expert tips & tricks, plus configuration options tuned specifically for CineTouch that you won’t find anywhere else.

See why CineTouch was named BEST WHOLE HOUSE CONTROL by CE PRO Magazine! Contact CineTouch at info@cinetouch.com or by phone at 408-371-1845.


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